The Improbable is a highly curated, monthly collection of short reviews written by booksellers for booksellers about unusual and wondrous books that live at the intersection of art and literature.

These are books that are deeply resistant to algorithms, easy categorization, and seven-word tag lines—books by artists and writers who obey no boundaries, pay no fealty to trends and invite readers to see the world anew by reading word and image in provocative, unfamiliar ways. And they are books that curious, engaged readers are eager to discover and will be compelled to return to, again and again.

Each month, we’ll post a handful of reviews of new books and back list titles published by some of the most adventurous independent presses in the U.S., including Archipelago, Christine Burgin, Fence Books, Granary Books, Graywolf Press, Ice Plant, Kaya Press, The Kingsboro Press, Nightboat Books, Penny-Ante, Primary Information, Semiotext(e), Siglio and Ugly Duckling Presse.

The reviews are written by booksellers from great independent bookstores like 192 Books and Printed Matter in New York City, Green Apple Books in San Francisco, Seminary Co-op Bookstores in Chicago and Skylight Books in Los Angeles.

We now have five issues out! Check out the latest one here. Look for Issue No. 6 (or sign-up for the mailing list to get a notification) at the end of September.

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Image above from A brief account of some travels in divers parts of Europe by Edward Brown, 1685.